An engineer by training, John Kuttler Clement attended Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with a grade point average of 3.8. Entering the engineering workforce directly after graduation, John Kuttler Clement joined defense contractor Sanders Associates (now part of BAE Systems). Working with the firm for two years, John Kuttler Clement specialized in anti-submarine warfare research and development.

Changing career paths, John Kuttler Clement became the owner and General Manager of Queen City Toyota in 1978. After four years in the Manchester, New Hampshire location, John Kuttler Clement relocated to Saco, Maine to own the Prime Auto dealership. John Kuttler Clement oversaw all aspects of managing the dealership where customers could purchase Toyota, Chrysler’s Plymouth, and Nissan brands, and his team was able to sell an average of 120 vehicles per month.


In his most recent venture, John Kuttler Clement is based in Encinitas, California, and is currently promoting LEARN-SHARE-EARN.COM , an online income training  program . The business educates individuals about the current economic crisis and provides information  on how individuals can build their assets in this financial environment. John Kuttler Clement trains clients through conference calls, web sites, and internet marketing so that they can share the information with others about building an online income  in a tough economy.


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